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The YOUniversal Alignment Weekend Workshop:

Based on the principals discussed in Frank’s book “The YOUniverse in Balance”


Do you want to live a happier and more balanced life? Then you need a powerful blueprint to self-discovery!

Reconnect with who you are on a deeply personal level, so that you can spend your life achieving the kind of success that you deserve. Discover what it means to be YOUniversally aligned and accelerate your rate of personal growth, learning and prosperity!

•       Find out how to leverage your passion
•       Discover how to realign your perspective
•       Learn what having real purpose is all about
•       Find out how to use these elements to plan your life
•       Read about the progress cycle and your success

From learning about the fundamental universal rules that govern us all, to getting back in touch with what it means to be a successful human being in this day and age – at the end you will find true universal alignment and balance waiting for you.

This weekend workshop is truly a self-discovery journey. Participants leave with a new sense of purpose and a blue print for long-lasting success and happiness.

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