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About the Book “The YOUniverse in Balance”

In The YOUniverse in Balance, Frank Kamal takes the reader on a journey to find the right alignment we so desperately need in our society. The journey begins with an exploration to find those things that you are passionate about in life. Frank offers guidance and examples to help the reader investigate past and present, conscious and subconscious, real and imagined experiences, thoughts and beliefs in search of this elusive but critical component of a balanced life.

The journey continues as Frank helps the reader discover his or her perspective, and understand how this worldview impacts everything we do. Frank asks the reader to consider his or her perspective as it relates not only to the self, but other people, events, situations and resources.

One of the highlights of the book is a review of the reader’s purpose in life – his or her mission. The crux of this section is a call to action for each reader to take time to examine his or her values and beliefs, passions and purposes, and then develop a personal purpose statement.

Perhaps the most pragmatic and beneficial aspects of the book is the section on planning. Let’s face it – without this component, it doesn’t matter how eloquent your purpose statement or how excited you are about your passions. The reader learns to assess the current situation, envision the big picture, set short and long term goals, execute measurable actions and adapt the plan as needed. This is a very comprehensive and doable practice.

The book wraps up with a section on progress. Frank talks about ways to make progress a lifestyle with ideas for measuring progress and an invitation to celebrate your success.

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Excerpts from the Book

Passion is a form of energy. It is discovered through life’s experiences, and it is cultivated through practice.”

Perspective is the driving force behind all actions that shape your personal universe. It has a pivotal role in your life, and it is always a choice.”

“Your purpose in life is the universe’s core reason for your existence in relation to all other things that exist. It comes from a higher source, and it is your mission in life.”

“A plan is a fluid map of actions; a map because it provides a direction and fluid because it requires flexibility through the journey.”

Progress is the engine of inspiration. It provides the motivation necessary for forward movement in life.”


The YOUniverse in Balance is a self-help book loaded with thought-provoking questions and ideas to get you moving toward your goals. I highly recommend the book and the classes for those who are ready to take action and make their dreams a reality! – LuAnn Pierce, LCSW, Therapist, Coach and Writer


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