FAQS – About Life Coaches and Coaching Methods

More about Life Coaches and the Coaching Methods

What kind of a person employs a life coach? Reasons and Why?

A person seeks the services of a life coach mainly because people desire to improve and enhance the basic qualities of their life. Reasons may be about focus and directing their energy to obtain a better quality of life. Others may want to learn how to live with life’s changes, gain awareness, be more as ease, and learn how to control stressors and triggers that spin them out of control. Learn how to deal with others and have relationships that are more meaningful with people. Why? Is pretty easy to understand! Having someone that supports you, listens to you, guides you and provider insight in a personal way while offering emotional support so you can live a fuller life and be happier!

What transpires once you retain life coach services?

Numerous issues will come about because of coaching: Sessions are driven by you ultimately. You will enjoy an understanding and some clarity in regards to what you want, value, and really need. Most people gain a much better view of themselves. They start to see and take more appropriate as well as corrective focused measures immediately. People quit being affected by issues or things that may drag them down. You learn from life coaching exercises (not the physical type of exercise) but mentally how to look at resistance and let go in order to get results easier. Your life coaching exercises will help you set and look at your goals, then prioritize them so you understand what you really need and want. Your relationships with family, friends, and business associates will improve. Most people find their lives become more meaningful. Most importantly, you experience and enjoy the collaboration of working with your life coach, the one person that really listens to what you want to talk about and then coaches you or provides advice when needed. This allows you to explore and improve many personal parts of your life safely.

Does it all have to be about Personal Goals or Can we talk about my professional, career, or business goals?

Your life coach is professionally trained to help you with personal and business or career goals. Since life and work bring on stresses, you will work through ways to gain a balance, handle communications, focus your energy, and find out how to use important key factors to reach your goals, while enjoying fulfillment, peace, and happiness.

Why does life coaching services provide good results and does it work for everyone?

Life coaching is effective for numerous reasons: The actual collaboration (synergy) between you and your life coach (us) creates a unique momentum. It works for just about everyone that is committed to change because goals that are set with your life coach tend to be more effective. Due to the process of discovery through the sessions, goals seem to naturally draw you towards your target instead of goals that feel forced. Using life coaching exercises you will develop strong new skills that ultimately translate and help transform you into feeling more peaceful and gaining a fulfilling life.

During the Sessions, what other things can be addressed?

The Attraction Principal – Awareness, Compassion, Empathy, Life’s Meaning, Reducing Stress, Relationships, and Spirituality (not necessarily in a formal or religious sense, but in how it feels to be more spiritual in regards to peacefulness). Again driven by you during the sessions, we can explore all or some of what matters to you. Understanding the disconnections you may feel, the voids, and what it means.


I offer different coaching programs for different needs: Regular Life Coaching for anyone called  “the YOUniversal Alignment”,  Founders & CEOs Startup coaching for entrepreneurs, and Athletic mental coaching, an off-the-field mental coaching program for athletes.

More understanding about coaching methods and practices

If you need more context or to better understand about my coaching methods. I provide what an instructor, piano teacher, or an athletic coach as an example does, but in a deeper and more emotionally connected manner. I will be your collaborating partner helping you move in a direction to understand and get the life you want in all three areas if you desire. Personal, Professional and Spiritual. I will be that person that holds you accountable and helps you live up to your potential and life experiences. Most people, no matter what may be going on in their life, desire or aspire to attain something more. Connecting on a deeper level, closer and fuller relationships, and contentment, filling the void, stepping out of loneliness, recognition, and contribution.

Why would I need a Life Coach if I Think I am currently doing great in my life?

Everyone needs a coach! Life Coaching is not just for those who are not “doing well” in their lives. No matter how well we are doing in our lives, there are always challenges to overcome. I’ve found that, frequently, we all desire something much deeper, much more complete within some area of our day-to-day lives. Life coaching gives you the tools to discover ways to face these challenges with confidence and create a long lasting balance in your life.

Can a Dependency be formed by engaging in coaching sessions between me and my coach?

Not likely. You may possibly “need” your life coach to be able to reveal how well you’re progressing just like a good friend or sounding board, though not become “dependent” on me personally. Most people that are focusing on significant changes “require” support, some advice, and structure. That said working with a life coach is definitely helpful, however a psychological, emotional dependence isn’t developed or created. This is not therapy; I do not resolve psychological issues or problems. That is for a therapist to deal with if needed. As a life coach, I work with people that are strong in many ways and fine in other ways but seek a personal collaborator to sort out life issues. A life coach helps you create a better and more fulfilling life, a way to help you reach a higher or better quality of living.

Can coaching, or working with a life coach hurt you mentally?

No. You need to remember, life coaches do not perform any type of psychological work, and they are not therapists. They do not try to control your mind or you’re thinking patterns. They are collaborators, like what you would have with a co-founder in your business so to speak. You bounce ideas and life issues off them and they approach coaching you in a realistic manner you may not have thought of without them.

Life coaching services increases your own self-awareness as well as helps you connect you with your own true self. The process of changing has its challenges, looking deeper within yourself, at your life, will help you see exactly what you want to achieve and work towards with your coach.

I offer different coaching programs for different needs: Regular Life Coaching for anyone called  “the YOUniversal Alignment”,  Founders & CEOs Startup coaching for entrepreneurs, and Athletic mental coaching, an off-the-field mental coaching program for athletes.

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