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YOUniversal Alignment Life Coaching Program: This program is for everyone. It is the main coaching program built around the concepts of my book “The YOUniverse in Balance” and a general approach and method to achieving a happier and more balanced life.

Using the elements described in my book to help you understand and focus on these five key aspects in your life is basis of the YOUniversal life coaching program. Throughout the life coaching sessions I will help guide on how to restore or realign the universal elements such as Purpose, Perspective, Passion, Planning, and Progress that ultimately result in you finding your way to fulfillment and indeed a happier and more enjoyable life.

This life coaching program suits anyone because no matter what you do, who you are, where you have been, and what you are doing now, it is never too late to improve or change your journey in life. This is about finding your own path to freedom from stresses and issues that hold you back, finding some balance and harmony in your life, digging deep to understand yourself and how you feel about things.

How it Works when a Session Begins: 

You Talk, I Listen, Then I Coach (guiding you using the elements mentioned above), You Implement between sessions – Then we Check your Progress at the next session!

It sounds simple but it can take time for you to gain clarity and understand key principles. In fact, for some people it can take a lifetime to get it!

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The YOUniversal Life Coaching Program and Sessions Cover These Five Elements

I will coach and guide in learning how to leverage the five universal elements to help you deal with issues that affect your life and happiness, how to create a better balance between home, work, family, and friends, and how the key elements can shape and bring about good changes in several aspects of your life.


Discovering and talking about your purpose in life is very enlightening. We can explore things that bring you a feeling of happiness, how often you feel satisfied with your life (work, home life or both). What you feel when you ask yourself this question, “what is my purpose in life?” Understanding that your purpose in life is the fundamental reason for your very existence on this earth in relation to all other people, places, and things that exist–is one of the keys to life. The fact that you have a purpose in life, but may not know what is, or how you should go about serving or pursuing it, when you first start the sessions, will be explored so you can recognize and embrace it.


You will discover ways to develop better perspectives on life and situations. Your perspective is the dynamic force associated with all events and actions you take that combine to shape and form your personal space in the universe. Your perspective plays a major part and has an essential role in one’s life. You always have a choice of how you think and perceive things.


Find your passion and gain new energy. Learn to cultivate your passion through practice and by looking at experiences where you were passionate in the past. Look at things that motivated you and gave you an energy that amazed your very being. Practice techniques to help you discover and explore new experiences. Passion makes one feel totally alive, the energy it emits is undeniable and is a key element to happiness.


Planning and setting goals using a flexible course of action that ultimately leads to fulfilling certain events in your life makes the journey worth it. You will be coached through this process to help you discover ways to plan, set realistic goals and achieve them while keeping them in alignment with your life purpose.


A life coach helps you measure and celebrate your progress, holding you accountable for steps you implement to make changes. It is the source of inspiration to motivate you to move forward in your life, overcome obstacles, deal with issues, take actions, celebrate, and be comfortable with your lifestyle!

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Frank Kamal — Bay Area Life Coach