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Founders & CEO’s Startup Coach Program:  Business Mentors and Life coaching services available in the Bay area. Coaching and Mentoring programs for entrepreneurs and executives provides support and deals with issues most specific to the startup culture and unique challenges of the Founders and Startup CEOs. Life Coaching and mentoring in terms of balancing work and life, family, stress, the team, investors, and how to get or keep control of everything at one time without losing your mind. The startup coach mainly provides a coaching for entrepreneurs program and skills to help guide each client to solve their own issues. There may be small doses of business advice but overall this is entrepreneurship coaching that provides personal support for the many startup challenges you will face.

Life Coaching for CEOs and Founders program provides you with Business Mentors support and offers something that most other people in your life cannot provide effectively. A friend or family member that acts as a sounding board often fills the role of business mentor, but they are limited in their views. The goal is to help challenge you to broaden your view of your business and the world, however the mentor’s focus is on that of the individual (you), not the overall results of your business and allows you to share personal issues you may not be comfortable sharing with a family member or close personal friend.

Coaching and mentoring programs offered provide startup CEOs and entrepreneurs with insights about how to get a grip on their new business while dealing with real life. Gain the well-timed support one needs to become successful and make it all the way to the top!

Providing a Real Impartial View within your Startup Support Team

With some Life Changing Power!

If you are like most people, you may have family, friends, or financial advisors on your support team—but it is near impossible for these relationships to be objective and impartial. Family members and friends may not have an understanding of the difficulties of your startup business and you feel you do not want to inconvenience them with the many challenges you face. That leaves professional advisors or financial advisors that may mainly be focused on monetary issues, making you feel hesitant about sharing any personal issues or struggles with them too.

Within the Founders & Startup CEO’s Coaching for entrepreneurs, I offer the combination of being a life coach and business mentor while providing the close emotional encouragement one may get from their closest friend or family member. You will always have an impartial and non-judgmental person on your team willing to help you through your fears and struggles, listen to your ideas and help celebrate your accomplishments.

What you Get!

A Founder/Startup CEO – Combination Business Mentor and Life Coach that Listens to You!

You will benefit from my ability to be your impartial, unbiased sounding board, a safe confidential place where you can share and receive input from a professional confidant—a professional collaborator that is always one hundred percent behind you, in your corner encouraging you. My job focus is to actively listen while helping you achieve and gain some clarity about your life and business. The amount of business advise I offer, depends solely on you. With most of my coaching and mentoring clients, I offer more coaching 80% than advice 20%. This tends to help my clients also benefit from insights I have accumulated as an entrepreneur and from working with and coaching beginning stage CEOs and entrepreneurs.

My Passion and Special Focus For Early Stage Startups and Leaders

I truly think there are only a few things that may match the excitement, commitment and the resolve needed to launch a new idea and a company. Livings in Silicon Valley for over 35 years and having had the chance of being involved with a few ventures in my career have made me a big believer in the power of startups. As a result, I am always excited to find ways to help Startups and Early stage CEO’s with their unique challenges from a personal point of view. My Coaching for entrepreneurs program is not about helping you raise funds or the details of your term sheet; it’s about how you can be the best you in dealing with all that the startup life will demand of you.

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Founders & CEO’s Startup Coaching Programs Customized to Fit Needs!

Customized Inclusions:

  • Building Better Boundaries in Life and at Work – control stress, deal with leader loneliness and handle your emotions and issues more effectively.
  • Leading a Winning Team – Become the most effective leader you can be for yourself, your Startup and your team. Make better decisions, prioritize and execute with confidence.
  • Effective Ways to – Deal with Conflict, Delegate, Empower, Recruit, Motivate, and engage your team in life and business.
  • Help Managing Personal Challenges – how to resolve personal issues that may be interfering with your business and daily focus.
  • Being Accountable in Life and Business – the impact it has on your life and on the others around you.
  • Pick up the Pace and Accelerate – Make faster progress. Work through what is holding you back from meeting your goals faster in life and business.
  • Networking with People and Investors – approaches and improving your strategies when dealing with stakeholders at work and in social situations.

If you need a startup coach, someone that is trained and able to providing coaching and mentoring, fulfill the life coach role as one of your business mentors to overcome the personal issues and challenges founders and startup CEOs face then contact me today to schedule your first appointment.

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