Coaching Programs – Life Coach Services

Along with the life coaching program designed using the principals of Frank’s book, “The YOUniverse in Balance”, Frank also offers a variety of specialized coaching programs combining his business and sports background to work specifically with Early Stage founders, Startup CEO’s and Elite Athletes. His 25 years of entrepreneurship and business consulting experience helps him coach entrepreneurs, while he draws from his sports background as a collegiate athlete and experienced soccer coach to help athletes develop self-confidence on and off the field.

YOUniversal Alignment Life Coaching

This program is for everyone. It is the focal coaching program developed around the concepts of my book “The YOUniverse in Balance” and a general approach and method to achieving a happier and more balanced life. Using the elements described in the book to help you understand and focus on five key aspects in your life is basis of the YOUniversal life coaching program. Throughout the coaching sessions, I will help guide you on how to restore or realign the core universal elements such as:

Purpose, Perspective, Passion, Planning, and Progress that ultimately result in you finding your way to fulfillment and truly a happier and more enjoyable life. Read more… 

Founders & Startup CEO’s Coaching Program

This program is designed as a Coaching and Mentoring program for entrepreneurs and executives. It provides support and deals with issues most specific to the startup culture and unique challenges faced by Founders and Startup CEOs. Life Coaching in terms of balancing work and life, family, stress, the team, investors, and how to get or keep control of everything at one time without losing your mind. The startup coach provides a coaching for entrepreneurs program and skills to help guide each client to solve either own issues. There may be small doses of business advice but overall this is entrepreneurship coaching that provides personal support for the many startup challenges you will face. Business Mentors and Life coaching services are available in the Bay area. Read more

Off the Field Athlete Coaching Program

Elite Athlete ‘Mental Coaching’ Program is designed for Elite Athletes – Ages 14 to Professional Players. The focus of the program is on specific mental performance issues that elite athletes must deal with throughout their career. Learn techniques to deal with issues such as performance anxiety, self-confidence, and dealing with stress from teammates, coaches, parents, family, and friends, making positive attitude adjustments, and dealing with winning and losing. The program aims to help shape new habits that can help the individual become more confident on and off the field. Read more