About Working with Frank – Certified Life Coach San Jose

Sometimes everyone could use the services of a life coach. Did you Google Life Coach San Jose and then did not take any action? But when you think to yourself, “I need a life coach,” there is a reason for that! Maybe things in your life are perhaps a bit out of control and you should pay attention to those signals even if you did not say aloud, “I need a life coach.” At some time in our lives, we all could use the help of a life coach.

Hiring Frank as your life coach can be one of the best decisions you make all year! What you will gain by starting life coaching sessions is the opportunity to collaborate with someone that truly listens, that can help you increase self-awareness, and help you connect to your thought processes and true self. When you take a look at your life and what role you play by digging deeper into self, your life coach helps you see things more clearly. Frank’s approach is to help you prioritize, work towards certain goals and then holds you accountable so you can achieve them.

When working with Frank, you will be able to benefit from his vast knowledge and business acumen. As your coach, Frank will help you understand about how planning and progress work hand in hand. How being a leader and managing your life can become second nature when you are given the skills. How having a purpose can fill the void, and looking at things in the proper perspective can help you have a happier and much more interesting and balanced life. The main thing you should understand about working with Frank is he will listen, fill the gap, and act as part of your support system providing unbiased and objective coaching and advice when needed.

Frank’s Certified Life Coach Techniques and Additional Skills that Benefit You

  • Being a leader is something many people desire and may need help with at some time. You don’t have to be the leader of a group,it may be just about leading your own life and projects, that in itself is worth getting a handle on.
  • Strategic planning whether in your day to day life at home or at work is something that many people struggle with and it helps to have someone like Frank to help you reach your goals in a well thought-out planning process.
  • His family life experiences and background knowledge in business and coaching relationships will help you understand the give and take associated when dealing with friends, family members, co-workers or a boss to figure out new methods and approaches with the important people in your life.
  • Finally, yet very important is his experience and expertise in business management. Many people that seek the services of a life coach are involved in their own business, or are successful at work but cannot get a handle on life in general.
  • That is where you have found a gem when you hire Frank as your life coach. He has been there and done that and understands life’s issues that may be holding you back from a more balanced and happier life.

Frank’s general approach to coaching people on life is to help one achieve a happier and much more balanced life so they can enjoy it. If you have read his book, “The YOUniverse in Balance”, you will find that his coaching style is based on the following elements: Passion, Perspective, Purpose, Planning, and Progress.

Life Coach San Jose: If you are ready to get started with a certified professional life coach, contact Frank today to schedule your first session. If you have questions about how it all works, please see our “About Life Coaching” for answers to frequently asked questions and our “Rates/Prices” for information about session rates