About Life Coaching – Services, Sessions, What is a Life Coach

About Life Coaching:

Life Coaching is a two-way street, your commitment is as important as mine (life coach). Everyone needs a coach, a confidant, a sounding board. The answers are often within us, but we may need someone to help us find the right path and hold us accountable in our journey….

My life coaching services are about helping you transform into an enhanced you, and perhaps more productive person. Dissimilar to therapy, it is a splendid choice for the regular person that wishes to deal with and overcome issues that may be holding you back from being a better you! I offer various life coaching programs for the regular person, athletes, founders / CEO startups, and enlightenment programs.

 Frank’s Life Coaching sessions can help you overcome:

  • Work Stress / Life Stress
  • Self-Esteem Issues
  • Anger, Fear, Sadness, Depression
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Procrastination
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Time Management Challenges
  • Decision Making Paralyses
  • Leadership Challenges
  • And transforming some of your limiting beliefs about yourself

Frank’s Coaching Style

I use a collaborative (two-way) style of coaching but you always determine what we work on. I will challenge you to dig deep and find the answers from within. Together we will find ways for you to get past your roadblocks and to develop tools and techniques that will help you deal with the issues related to your unique life situations.

About Expectations

The success of all relationships comes down to how well expectations are communicated, understood, managed, and met.

As your coach, I will use what I call the PEARL system. During our sessions, you can expect me to always be:

  • Present,
  • Engaging,
  • Attentive,
  • Real and,
  • Liberating.

What I expect from you, is to be:

  • Willing to change,
  • Committed to change,
  • Open to a high degree of self-awareness,
  • Willing to take responsibility for your own life!

How do Life Coaching Services and Sessions Work?

My Life coaching typically consists of a number of one hour sessions delivered weekly or bi-weekly for an established period of time, from 1 to 6 months or more. Alternatively, should you be thinking about personal growth as well as contemplating life coaching, we also offer workshops, which often can present you with a condensed format of our Coaching Programs as a great starting point in your journey.

How do I get started? How can we meet and how much time does it require?

If you like you can start with a Free 30 minute intake call and if you decide to give coaching a try you can go session by session or chose from my coaching packages that save you money with multiple sessions. We may meet with face-to-face (my preference) or speak by phone or Skype. See life coaching fees.

Do I have to sign a Contract?

I offer session packages for 3, 6, or 10 sessions and these packages include a very simple Coaching contract to make sure we both are clear on our responsibilities. However, I am delighted to work on a session-by-session basis if you prefer, which does not require a contract. “Rates/Prices” for individual session fee information, packaged sessions terms, and details.