About Frank – Author, Life Coach, Business Consultant

Farzin Kamal, AKA Frank, is a Certified Life Coach in San Jose, California and an established Business Consultant for companies in the Bay area and across the nation. Frank’s past professional experiences include entrepreneurship and several executive positions, but he considers himself to be a student of life more than anything else. Born in Iran, he migrated to the U.S. at the age of sixteen and currently resides in San Jose with his family. He loves people, business, eastern philosophy, and learning about human behavior. When not working, you can find him studying a new concept, developing a new idea, spending time with friends and family, taking in a soccer game locally, or catching a live soccer match on TV, obviously his favorite sport.

For the best results when you start looking for a certified professional life coach, it is to your benefit to seek out and engage someone like Frank that has a well-rounded business and professional background and that enjoys people and activities. This allows better interaction in coaching and with Frank that really applies to anyone, including elite athletes, founders, and startup CEOs because he has personal experience in these areas. You have to enjoy people in order to offer life-coaching services to the public. This is a place where he stands out as a life coach and once you make contact and start your life coaching sessions with Frank you will see why! 

One of the things that steered Frank into becoming a Certified Professional Life Coach is his interest in new projects, taking on the next business challenge, a desire to grow, but most of all to help people with life’s little up and downs. Nothing is better than having someone you can confide in and Frank fills the gap between, business associates, family, and friends. Always listening first, to what you want to talk about, then coaching, direction, and providing unbiased advice is his methodology as a coach.

Some of Frank’s background expertise and specialties includes leadership, strategic planning, vendor relationships, and business management. When you take just those four things and use that knowledge gained over the years it is not hard to see why he is a great life coach. If you examine each of the four skills mentioned above it is not difficult to see how they can be applied to life coaching. Those business specialties enhance his ability to provide you more insight based on his knowledge and the skills he has acquired from business experience.

Hire a certified life coach. Contact Frank today to schedule your first session, get started now. Sessions can be scheduled for face to face meetings, via phone or Skype. It is up to you how you wish to schedule your sessions. You will enjoy working with someone that takes the time to really listen to you and help you with your journey towards a happier more balanced life. For more information or if you have questions about how it works, please see our “About Life Coaching” for answers to frequently asked questions. View session rates  “Rates/Prices” including packages that offer a discount for multiple sessions you can take advantage of anytime.